Here's to the new man.

Let’s toast to the new man, perhaps softer, but a man all the same.

Agency: Serviceplan.
Client: Four Roses  by Pernod Ricard. 

En un momento donde cada vez más jóvenes no se sienten identificados con el rol típico masculino, tenía sentido que una marca de bourbon suave, que tampoco se siente identificada con el rol que se le atribuye a este tipo de bebidas, hiciera una campaña así.

Here's to the New Man es un canto a la capacidad del hombre a ser de otra manera, sin miedos. Una campaña que, sin decirlo, pone delante a las mujeres, porque sin ellas y su movimiento feminista, este nuevo hombre no habría llegado.

Con esta idea ganamos el concurso y empezamos a trabajar para la marca.

In a moment where more and more youngsters don’t feel identified with the typical masculine role, it made sense for a mellow bourbon brand, which also doesn’t feel identified with the role assigned to this kind of drink, to launch a campaign like this one. 

“Here's to the New Man” appeals to men’s ability to behave differently. A campaign that without saying it out loud, puts women first, because without them and their feminist movement, these new men would not exist. 

With this idea we won the pitch and started working for the brand.

Hero Video. For english subtitles, please press "C"  or the subtitles button in youtube. 

OOH. "Let's toast to the new man, perhaps softer, but a man all the same": 


Social - "Kisses". "Saying hi to friends with a kiss is typical new men". 

Social - "Mum". "Saying "bye, mum, love you" is typical new men". 

Social - "Poetry". "Reading poetry in a bar is typical new men".

Social - "Woman". "Knowing women drink bourbon is typical new men". 

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